30 Mesh Wire Dia. 0.28 mm Galvanized Wire Mesh

Opening: 0.0223 in & 0.5667 mm,
Weight / sq.m: 2.5926 lb & 1.18 kg
Description Specification
30 Mesh Wire Dia. 0.28mm Galvanized Wire Mesh is made of galvanized iron wire. It is also can made of iron wire then zinccoating galvanized also can coated PVC. Galvanized Wire Mesh is commonly used as insect screening and sieves, industries and constructions.

Weave Type:
· Hot-dip galvanized after weaving wire mesh 
· Hot-dip galvanized before weaving wire mesh
· Electric galvanized before weaving wire mesh
· Electric galvanized after weaving wire mesh
· Crimped square woven wire mesh


Specification of 30 Mesh Glavanized Wire Mesh

Specifications U.S. Metric
Mesh Size 30 per in 30 per 25.4 mm
Wire Diameter 0.011 in 0.28 mm
Opening 0.0223 in 0.5667 mm
Opening Microns 566.7 566.7
Weight / sq.m 2.5926 lb 1.18 kg