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How to deal with rusty stainless steel wire mesh?

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Author : Looper
Update time : 2020-04-11 15:59:07

There are a lot of people ask this question: stainless steel will be rusty?
First of all, to clarify it should be under this concept, stainless steel is just special treated rather than never rust, like our professional production stainless steel wire mesh. If stainless steel wire mesh rusty then how to do? 
In fact, many customers will face this problem. The wire mesh has a certain life, after a long time will definitely rusty. But it is a pity to throw it away. For this situation, I provide a solution for your reference. 
First, the mesh coated with anti-corrosive paint to prevent corrosion increases.
Second, washing the surface with an acidic substance.

Third, gasoline sprayed on the surface to prevent the further spread of rust. And it is relatively simple and common method.
Besides, we do not recommend the use of corrosive sulfuric acid for cleaning, because it will burn our skin and it is very dangerous..
Finally, we should pay attention with paint and gasoline, because the two liquids is easy to burn, to be careful to avoid fire disaster.